Publications - Reports

Because we specialize in the valuation of computers, we can focus on the in-depth analysis of particularly important topics. When we do, we put the findings of our research into a report. We offer several of these reports to interested parties.

  • #720 - How Good are the Guides ?
    A Comparative Analysis of the Major Computer Price Guides

  • This report is extensively graphed and charted with answers to questions such as:

     - How does each computer price guide arrive at their numbers ?
     - How do prices published by guides compare for identical equipment ?
     - Which guide consistently lists the lowest prices ?
     - When should a guide NOT be used as a sole price source ?
     - How do computer price guides stand up in court ?
     - What do users say about values published in the guides ?

    It is a valuable resource for anyone involved in computer value disputes.

  • #727 - Depreciation Rate Study of Computer Hardware

  • This national study measures the actual depreciation rate for computers throughout their economic life within four categories:

     - Mainframes
     - Midrange systems
     - PCs
     - Peripherals

    This is a fully USPAP-compliant valuation report. Over 200,000 marketplace observations support the results. Representative samples of supporting documentation and clear definitions of each hardware category are included. This report is ideal for analyzing ad valorem property tax assessments and other computer value issues.

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