Expert Witness Services

We frequently appear in Federal, State and local courts to testify in support of our reports and value opinions. On these occasions, we speak with authority based on our use of the most rigorous methodology, our huge database of actual sales transactions, and our day-in and day-out experience in the computer marketplace.

A thorough litigation strategy also includes discovery and exposure of weaknesses and flaws in the arguments and reports presented by the opposing side. Because of our work on both the corporate and governmental side of legal proceedings, we offer attorneys unique insight into how and where errors may be found.

Forensic Appraisals

A forensic appraisal, i.e., a value conclusion specifically developed for use in a court of law, must be capable of withstanding the intense scrutiny and criticism of opposing experts and adversarial counsel. Through depositions and cross-examination, any errors, weaknesses and flaws will be exposed to the court. Our forensic appraisal will therefore be fully documented and referenced, the property and its value characteristics thoroughly researched, and the value conclusion fully supportable and credible. A full appraisal report complying with USPAP provides appropriate detail proceeding step-by-step through the valuation process.

Critique of Opposing Experts & Deposition Consulting

Attorneys frequently ask us to perform an analysis of the weaknesses and flaws of the expert report submitted by the opposing side in a litigation. Our experience in critiquing opposing experts and advice in the deposition of opposing witnesses has revealed weaknesses and flaws in opposing positions in a wide range of computer value cases. Where appropriate, our critiques are transformed into written expert reports for submission to the court.

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