Leasing Disputes

A lease is simply a contract by which one owning property (the lessor) grants to another (the lessee) the right to possess, use and enjoy it for a specified period of time in exchange for periodic payment of a stipulated price.

NACOMEX has frequently been retained to assist in the resolution of computer value disputes between lessors and lessees. Whether the lease is a capital or operating lease, the language of the lease contract is the first place we look to determine premise of value, definition of value, and other analysis determinations that impact on the value conclusion.

The requirement for an appraisal or a residual value forecast may come at various times during the term of a lease: at the beginning to determine the expected normal useful life of the computer and to estimate residual values; during the term for credit analysis, potential sales, or early lease termination; at the end of the term for possible renewal or purchase option. Our knowledge of computer-specific factors in each case results in reliable, dependable and cost-efficient value conclusions.

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