Mergers & Acquisitions

A merger joins two entities. It may be seen as two separate entities are each selling to the other, so that each has an appropriate proportional ownership interest in the resulting single entity. These interests are properly determined by fair market value analyses of the assets each contributes to the union. Usually, the identity of the dominant entity is retained, while the minority interest either loses its identity or becomes a division of the dominant entity.

Since 1987 we have been developing a database of hundreds of thousands of actual sales transactions in the new and used computer marketplace. These have been collected, organized, and stored electronically for appraisal purposes. They are garnered from dealers and traders throughout the country as well as other appraisers and other sources that have been proven reliable.

NACOMEX has been retained to value the computers in an amalgamation of two corporations pursuant to statutory provision in which one is absorbed by another which acquires the assets and liabilities of the absorbed company. This may be necessary in order to set up appropriate asset records, depreciation schedules, or for other management purposes. Depending on the purpose of the allocation, the appraisal may be based on fair market value or fair value.

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