A tax is a charge by the government to generate revenue and used for the needs of the public. NACOMEX is most frequently called upon when the tax issue is an "ad valorem" tax. An ad valorem tax is based on the value (usually fair market or actual cash value) of the property. Ad valorem taxes may be imposed on an annual basis (such as business personal property tax) or in connection with another significant event (inheritance or tariffs).

Most states and many local governments tax business personal property based on market value. Where market transactions are plentiful, such as in the computer marketplace, the assessor, taxpayer, and the court generally agree that the sales comparison approach should be the primary valuation yardstick.

NACOMEX is proud to have served often as the expert appraiser on ad valorem tax issues, at times on the governmental side, and at other times on the taxpayer side. The reason we have earned the confidence of both sides is because our value conclusions for computer assets are objective, reliable and defensible. Since 1987 we have been developing a database of hundreds of thousands of actual sales transactions in the new and used computer marketplace. These have been collected, organized, and stored electronically for appraisal purposes. They are garnered from dealers and traders throughout the country as well as other appraisers and other sources that have been proven reliable.

Whether the project requires the valuation of a single mainframe computer during one year, or thousands of PCs, midrange, mainframes and peripheral equipment, over a period of many years, NACOMEX has proven to have the resources, experience and ability to meet tight deadlines while maintaining the highest forensic standards.

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